Rome: Total War: Alexander
RTWA cover

Creative Assembly




Jeff van Dyck


June 2006

Rome: Total War: Alexander was the second and final expansion for Rome: Total War, released in June of 2006. It is significantly smaller in scope than either the first expansion or the base game, taking place over the course of just thirteen years and with only seven factions total and only one playable faction (by default).


Unlike vanilla Rome, Alexander has only seven factions -- of which, only Macedon itself is playable. They can be divided into two broad categories.


  • Dahae: Like the Rebels, the Dahae aren't so much a faction as they are a representation of numerous smaller factions.
  • Illyria: Illyria controls the western Balkan region.
  • Scythia: As with the base game, Scythia controls the Steppes
  • Rebels: The rebels aren't as much a faction as they are a representation of various smaller neutral factions, dissenting rulers, et cetera.


  • Macedon: Macedon is the only playable faction in the expansion by default. Their units resemble the units they field in the base game.
  • Persia: The primary enemy faction in the game.
  • India: Does not make an appearance in the singleplayer campaign.


The expansion received generally positive reviews, although its scores weren't quite as high as the base game.


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